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DYnastY was founded in late 1997....AT first our intensions was just ta roll around representing our rides ..... .We do not consider ourselves a "club" or a "Gang"..all the members are tight and share the same interests....customizing CARS! However due to the populatiry of the hobby and the publicity DynastY has given to the import scene, We've decided to take it to the NEXT LEVEL...DYNASTY MOTORSPORTS was then get products at whole sale! This was the only way for us budget minded college kids to modify our rides. Realizing the same senario with other young adults on a budget, we've decided to make this a public businuess ......Now we are passing the discounts to you...suppliying the latest in import/domestic accessory and performance products through mailorder. The orders might take longer being that we dont have a shop but the savings will make up for it!

installations are also available.....suspension,stereos,foglights,sidemarkers,exhausts.....

soon to come...Engine transplants B16,B18 engines

........WE are not jsut a CREW....we are a DYnasTY!.........

99 till infinity